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AutoMix offers a wide range of materials and can fix almost any defect in your car’s interior. Our professional and experienced team provides top-quality services, from restoring steering wheels and seats to repairing and reupholstering door panels, gearshift knobs, and other elements.

What we offer:

  • Restoration and reupholstering of steering wheels, seats, and door panels
  • Repair of gearshift knobs and covers
  • And much more!

We always find a common solution and work to fulfill your wishes within 2 to 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our priority, and a happy customer is our pleasure!


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  • Steering wheel reupholstering with leather From 100 EUR
  • Steering wheel reupholstering with leather substitute From 60 EUR
  • Steering wheel reupholstering with custom design From 120 EUR

    based on client's preferences

  • Steering wheel reupholstering with Alcantara From 130 EUR
  • Steering wheel repair From 10 EUR

    Filling and gluing

  • Steering wheel repair From 30 EUR

    for a truck or bus

  • Steering wheel reupholstering From 80 EUR

    for a truck or bus with leather substitute

  • Steering wheel reupholstering From 120 EUR

    for a truck or bus with leather

  • Gear shift knob reupholstering From 30 EUR
  • Gear shift boot reupholstering From 20 EUR
  • Door panel repair From 50 EUR
  • Seat repair From 50 EUR

    Part replacement with original material

  • Seat padding restoration From 40 EUR
  • Seat repair From 30 EUR

    Seam stitching, cigarette burns repair

  • Seat repair From 40 EUR

    Spring restoration or welding

  • Leather interior fabrication From 2000 EUR
  • Fabric interior fabrication From 1000 EUR
  • Interior fabrication with leather substitute From 1000 EUR
  • Motorcycle seat reupholstering From 70 EUR
  • Motorcycle seat reupholstering with custom design From 90 EUR

All prices are listed without VAT. Approximate completion times: steering wheel 8 hours, seat 6 hours.

  • The price is determined individually as it depends on the level of difficulty and the chosen materials.



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