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About us

AutoMix works in the market of used cars for more than 15 years. We offer to our current and future customers FULL RANGE of services to repair car interior: seats, steering wheels, dashboards, upholstery, airbags, shifter knobs, boots etc. Our professionals are able to restore and repair everything in car’s interior – solution will be found always! We are mostly using original materials.
Term of work from 2 to 24 hours.

Our work


  • Steering wheel repairs (spackling, glueing, defects elimination)

    from 10 EUR
  • Steering wheel trimming (leather)

    from 80 EUR
  • Steering wheel trimming (immitaion leather)

    from 50 EUR
  • Steering wheel trimming (customer’s design)

    from 100 EUR
  • Shift boots trimming, manufacturing

    from 10 EUR
  • Shift knobs trimming, manufacturing

    from 20 EUR
  • Seat restoration and repair (ruptured seam, burn-through)

    from 20 EUR
  • Seat repair (ruptured AirBag seam)

    from 30 EUR
  • Seat repair (changing part of upholstery – manufacturer’s material)

    from 40 EUR
  • Seat repair (changing part of upholstery – immitation leather)

    from 40 EUR
  • Seat repair (changing part of upholstery – leather)

    from 50 EUR
  • Seat’s wadding restoration and repair

    from 30 EUR
  • Steering wheel AirBag’s cover restoration and repair

    from 50 EUR
  • Dashboard AirBag restoration and repair

  • Door panel restoration and repair

    from 40 EUR
  • Headliner restoration and repair from

  • Cabrio top repair

  • Leather interior fabrication

    from 1500 EUR
  • Immitation leather interior fabrication

    from 800 EUR

All prices are given in EURO, excluding VAT. Approximate dlivery time: steering wheel 4 hours, seat 2 hours.

*The price is determined on an individual basis, since it depends on difficulty level of the work and chosen materials.


Our phone numbers:

29539238 Service

22335666 Public relations

29614513 Senior master

29524489 Board Chairman



SIA “Ķīniešu kvartāls”

Rīga, Ventspils iela 50, LV-1002

Reģ.Nr. LV 40003556528

Konts LV11HABA0551001124340